About Korwe Farm
Getting there

Getting there

How to get there:

You can plug the following locations into your nav system:
  • Search on Google Maps for "Korwe Farm Country Guesthouse"
  • The turnoff from Buffelspoort Road onto farm road up to Korwe Farm is at Maps location "Tree Tops Farm Stall" (a little misleading, you pass "Knuppeldik Farm Stall" to the left just near turn-off; Tree Tops Farm Stall is actually on the right 300m further.)
  • Farm entrance gate at 25deg47'36.4"S 27deg26'56.2"E
  • Korwe Farm Guest House at 25deg47'35.3"S 27deg26'53.7"E


Head past Lanseria Airport driving north on the R512 towards Hartbeespoort.

Continue out of town until you reach a T-junction with the R104 near the Pelindaba Nuclear Facility (the very visible industrial installation on the hill to the right). Turn left to continue on the R512 towards Hartbeespoort, the road takes a left bend and passes Pecanwood estate.

After 10km from R512/R104 intersection, turn right onto the R104, travelling on a long bridge that passes over the tail of the Hartbeespoort Dam. Follow this road straight up and over the mountain in front of you (Magaliesberg Mountains). Continue on this towards N4 highway.

Merge onto the N4 highway heading west.

Follow N4 for 20km and take the Mooinooi turnoff to the left, pass through Mooinooi town until the T-junction onto R104, where you turn right onto R104 heading west.

- or -

Stay on the N4 for another 5km and take the turnoff to Buffelspoort/Markina (there is a R16 toll), turn to the left and follow the road to a T-junction with the R104 by a petrol station/small shopping complex. Turn right onto R104.

Follow the R104 until it there is a three-way stop just after ATKV resort. Take the left turn towards the Buffelspoort Dam. Follow Buffelspoort Road and up and over the hill curving to left. You'll pass Buffelspoort Dam on left and Omaramba resort to right.

After 7km from where you turned onto Buffelspoort Road from the R104, look for the large power lines that cross the road at the entrance to a massive berry farm with long shade cloth tunnels. You will have just passed "Knuppeldik Farm Stall".

Turn right under the pylons and follow the dirt road up alongside the blueberry tunnels. Note: you don't go through the gate into the blueberry farm), you stay on the farm road to the right of the fence.

Follow this dirt road up the hill, it curves left, and eventually ends in three driveways:
  • one to the right up to "Thaba Apie" that you’ll see listed on Google Maps
  • one to the left to the blueberry farm packing plant
  • and one straight ahead, this is Korwe Farm


From tar road (Buffelspoort Road) to farm gate:

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